Who? Me?

I suppose that would be type of cheeky response I would offer if my English teacher asked me to state 2 pronouns.

I am an educator and entertainer. When the light comes on for my audience, I have found my thrill.

I am also a self-proclaimed “Metaphor Man”. I sum up experiences and situations by relating them to other contexts.

I almost forgot to mention that I am a really sweet person, to those you know me intimately. Ask either one of them.

Read me and leave comments. I enjoy conversation.


3 Responses to Who? Me?

  1. David says:

    Hi daniel,

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    Moreover, you are free to set your own rate (from 6$ per hour up to 240$ per hour) and SaltorPepa takes a 25% commission.

    Join us now fo free as an advisor
    Still got questions ? Read our Faqs or feel free to contact us info@saltorpepa.fr

  2. Don says:

    I believe I saw your post of a Scorebot ER-3 activity with golf balls on You Tube. I am also an educator and I have some ER-3’s. I am very curious about how you are using them in the classroom, how you teach kids to program them, and the curriculum you use..


    • Hi there:

      Apologies for the lagging reply. I haven’t blogged for a while so when I loggen in today I saw your comment from last year.

      WRT Scorbot ER 3 in the classroom:
      -A number of approaches have been used.
      –I have had pairs of students first explore the technlogy and gather resources from the Internet. specs, videos of demos, software.
      –Then they begin with basic pick and place progs. They use Scorbase 3.x on DOS on older Win 95 laptops w/o entering Win 95 (it interferes with serial port data).
      –They use Level 3 menus and commands. I have them explore each command from the top of the list down. Try different narrow focus tasks.
      –Eventually they know enough for a larger complex task.
      –Ultimately they interface 2 Scorbots ER 3’s to cooperate on a task in a work cell environment.
      –I have them video their accomplishments in the form of tutorials to be shared with other students in future grades.

      If you want to know more, let me know.

      I’d be happy to share my resources and experiences.

      Tell me a bit more about your experience and resources.



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